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i've never felt the need to complain about a fellow dA member in a public journal's one to start off my 13th year at deviantart.

this guy ( made alterations to an image of mine and then subbed it to dA. he gave me credit for the original image in the notes. my image use policy (which is clearly stated on my dA profile page) asks that everyone notify me before using my images in any projects. because this guy gave me credit on the original submission, i assumed that he may have just missed seeing the policy on my page so i sent him a note asking that he request permission for any future use of images. didn't ask him to take off the submission. his response? yank the submission off and call me a "nitpicker" and "unfriendly". then he blocked me from sending him messages.

really dude? GET A GRIP. for a guy who calls himself a "professional" on his dA profile, he certainly acted like an ass. is it so hard to reply with a basic "OK"? apparently it is. in his little world of "how to be cool", it's better to make it the other person's fault for being too nitpicky about life. why, i should've just let this slide because there are other shitty people in this world who wouldn't bother crediting at all! my mistake was politely assuming that he was NOT one of those shitty people and would actually respect the wishes of a fellow artist. 

there is a value to my artwork and i will do what i can to maintain that value. this includes contacting people if i feel there is a possibility of my images being used without permission. and if i didn't send you a pissy note with an unreasonable request, the least you can do is be nice about it. that's just basic courtesy.

and yes, i'm totally ranting to get this off my chest. rudeness, masked by the anonymity of the internet, irritates me. the guy blocked me so he can have the last line, so he can "teach" me about life. fuck that. and fuck your dick attitude.

exact exchange of notes posted below...

i appreciate that you gave me credit on your deviation…. however, per my policy, i ask that everyone request permission before making any alterations to my images (other than for personal desktop use) and posting it in a public domain.

if you would like to use any other of my images in the future, kindly send me a note first.

thank you,
-- jen k

lol ill take it down.. guess DA has lost it's friendliness over the years. you're literally the first in my 10 years on here that has complained of such an act.

remember there are shitty people in this world, many who wouldn't bother with crediting.
life is too short to nitpick about little things..

unless otherwise noted, all images in the gallery are NOT free stock.
for personal use as desktop wallpaper ONLY.
images may be altered for personal wallpaper usage but may NOT be distributed with the changes for others to use.
if re-posting my images to another website to distribute as is, credit MUST be provided, either by link or name.
please email or note me for permission to use my images in all projects.
april 14th: and FCOAR suite is now live!!
i love this group of people: :iconlukaskokoska: :iconneiio: :iconj3concepts:  :iconimrik: :iconsenex: :iconcathycatchy:


april 12th: so, like, this is gonna launch on 4/14 FCOAR 2014 desktop customization solution brought to you by :iconlukaskokoska: :iconneiio: :iconj3concepts:  :iconimrik: :iconsenex: :iconcathycatchy: :iconether:


april 5th: ok, nevermind. i finally got a smartphone. and then got frustrated (but of course) with the wallpaper offerings. spent most of today revamping a buncha my walls into iphone wallpapers:

most people's new toys are gadgets. mine are blog-thingies apparently. let's see how long this one sticks around.


march 9th: still around. still sticking to the one journal entry a year tradition. :)

more pics of food these days than of anything else. unless i travel, i'm at werk and subsequently eat OMGNOMs to relieve the stress of werk. i've gotten real good with dem macro food pics.

and....still on a "dumb" phone. samsung evergreen ftw.

unless otherwise noted, all images in the gallery are NOT free stock.
for personal use as desktop wallpaper ONLY.
images may be altered for personal wallpaper usage but may NOT be distributed with the changes for others to use.
if re-posting my images to another website to distribute as is, credit MUST be provided, either by link or name.
please email or note me for permission to use my images in all projects.
a bit of a late start to reinstate posting at devart.
but offline, there're been some fun times.
and it's only the second half of feb. :)

unless otherwise noted, all images in the gallery are NOT free stock.
for personal use as desktop wallpaper ONLY.
images may be altered for personal wallpaper usage but may NOT be distributed with the changes for others to use.
if re-posting my images to another website to distribute as is, credit MUST be provided, either by link or name.
please email or note me for permission to use my images in all projects.

two oh eleven

Tue Jun 7, 2011, 10:04 PM
  • Listening to: bright light / matchbox twenty
  • Reading: abraham lincoln: vampire hunter
  • Watching: all the flix i shouldve watched but havent
  • Playing: diabro2 / sinking island
  • Eating: pho ga / fried daikon cakes
  • Drinking: lipton iced lemon tea
- did my usual annual narnia run. cuz i now drive far to/from work so the caspian soundtrack was running non-stop on the pod. makes me cry that dawn treader wasn't better. boo.
- finally (!!) watched both ironman's. 1 was better than 2 but 2 had mickey rourke looking like one giant meat sack and spitting out russian like no tomorrow. good stuff.
- discovered james rollins. actually, i'd read black order last year but only really started getting back into voracious reading this year. rollins' stuff is indiana jones on crack. totally fantasmic.
- switched out my samsung impression for the samsung evergreen. because touchscreen is lame but touchscreen and constant dropped calls is effing ridiculous. new phone is smoothness...tactile ftw.
- stalked george rr martin at my local vroman's when he was down in l.a. for the GoT teevee show. SQUEE.

- sped through all the girl films within the space of two weeks. as in dragon tatoo, played with fire, and hornet's nest. daniel craig's ugly-hot and all, but really, there's no need to remake these flicks. what we have already is pretty damn good.
- a month-long show at the 1650 gallery in echo park, los angeles. for the THAT'S WEIRD!" exhibition.
- watched mongol. that is, like, a strangely fascinating film. even though it's a japanese guy playing temujin. wtf?!
- totally stocked up my amazon wishlist. whereas my previous job drained me of the spark of life, i've now re-stocked in manna (and gold!) so the wishlist has bloomed correspondingly.
- minor car accident. out $600 bucks to fix the plastic buggy. ugh.
- caught the 2009 version of bbc's little dorrit. matt macfayden was created to live in a top hat and waistcoat. dunno why he wears any other type of clothing at all.

- saw the dangerous beauty musical at the pasadena playhouse. the cast: super-talented and boy can they belt it out. the story...meh. lacked depth. the costumes: oh my i want me a courtesan outfit!. overall though, it's like a college effort production. which i'm kinda sad about. on the flip-side, i've now a new subject to research.
- another month-long show at the 1650 gallery. this time for the urban landscape exhibition. couldn't make it out to the show itself.
- tarheels are acc champs!! and beat duke in game 2!! ahahaahahaah!!!!! can't wait for march madness brackets to be posted...!
- oh what the hell with people STEALING IMAGES and then not crediting the original author!!!… so this person uses my image without notifying me OR crediting me. and then accepts that this is all her own work in the comments. i posted my work here way back in freakin' 2006:…. lack of general courtesy just pisses me off no end. wtf people, WTF. i seriously want to punch [expletive] right now.

- went to my first ever live baseball game. dodgers vs. giants. hello, new obsession.
- in the spirit of aforementioned obsession, bought ken burns' baseball doc dvd set. it's my leisurely escape into mushy baseball fandom. working through the series one disc at a time.
- emailed the person who borrowed my flowers image (see previous month) and they apologized and gave me credit. which is all good. cuz for a while there i was breathing fire.
- spent several days with panda eyes. those were a miserable couple of days.

- food truck festival!! $50+ but sooooo delicious. perfect weather and breezy.
- more dodger games. w00t!
- by far the shittiest thing this month was my corolla getting rear ended by a dodge ram. total loss on the corolla so i had to bid goodbye to the plastic buggy (and also the new stickers i JUST purchased and stuck on the back WTF i'm bitter).
- on the other hand, upgraded to a 2011 jetta se in charcoal. sure it drives faster and has bucket seats (leatherette, oooo!!). but really, i'm just ecstatic over the bluetooth and ipod connectivity. the sunroof aint shabby either. paying for gas though...what a pain in the asterisk.
- started shopping for shanghai trip (cousin's wedding). commence crazy spending. boo.

- dropped 1k+ on new prescription glasses and shades. F.
- shopped Every Damn Weekend in search of two fancy outfits (for the shanghai wedding) and clothes that will keep me cool. plus shoes and jewelry. and stuff like antibacterial wipes, tissue packs, antifungal foot cream (cuz it's massive humid in shanghai), and power converters. wtf. over all expenditure was likely over $600.
- aforementioned six bills does not include 4+ bills dropped on my new point-n-shoot: canon S95. including extra batt.
- went to game 4 of dodgers v. angels. dodgers kicked some ass. while the sun kicked my ass with a wicked sunburn. right before i had to wear fancy things at the wedding. oops.
- left for shanghai on the 29th.

- it was effing HUMID and GROSS in shanghai. you could actually see the steam hanging in the air. i got the dreaded heat stroke.
- was putting together a tv stand from ikea when i found that the last board had no holes pre-drilled. just a solid piece of composite board. called ikea and forced them to mail a new one to me.
- coworker wrangled me a free slurpee on free slurpee day. w00t!
- bye shuttle program *sniff*
- hello new addiction to npr
- hufflepuffed my way into midnight showing of pooter 7.2. it was ok...the fat grown up versions of them at the end bugged me as much as when i read it in the book. on the other hand, longbottom rocked. still the hero.
- second weekend back from shanghai i flew up to san jose for a friend's wedding. ate Good Food(tm).

- family from midwest and new york visited during the first week. which meant brazilian bbq, lots of crude talk, ceviche, boiling crab and karaoke. oh yieah.
- watched chop shop (amazing stuff but not really a rewatch), i, robot (meh), and shutter island (a B+).
- so far have chomped through yet another rollins (subterranean) and another austen (persuasion). trying to get back into the groove of reading and photoshopping.
- finished the mughal princess series from indu sudaresen. damn. i wanna go to india now more than ever. probably need a month to wander through all the monuments i've on my must-see list at this point.
- discovered the awesomeness of fancy CHEESE. and pairing that up with bloody mary mix. YUM.

- laid low for most of the month cuz needed financial recoup of earlier expenses.
- which meant that i paid off a ton of stuff, felt like i was in the black, and then spent 80 bucks on plate holders for the monk. slimline chrome, just for the jetta. accessorizing the car is so. much. fun.
- snagged two pairs of shoes from work that were dropped from the official lineup. fringe benefits, w00t! still looking for comfy flats though...
- went to a dodger game wherein hello kitty and her cohorts cavorted on the field during 7th inning stretch. as a girl who loves scifi and cars and food, i was totally suckered in.
- also went to last home game of the season. 5+ months till next season. :(
- on the other hand, almost ncaa basketball start!!
- flicks seen: boondock saints 1 (hot guys and creative usage of f-bombs, this one's a win for me), boondock saints 2 (too gimmicky off of the first. so sad.), prince of persia (ok yieah, so jake g and the rest of the cast arent even remotely persian. but, urm, this is was so corntastically awesome), transformers 3 (SOOOOO much more awesome that the wtf that was part 2.).

- redsox get bumped but cardinals brought it home. a world series that had me hyperventilating.
- the spirit (dammit, twas lame), sin city (eh), district 9 (home run).
- re-addicted myself to seven kingdoms 2
- paid off one of two cars. BOOYAH.
- stabbed my left hand on a razor blade. wtfbbq.
- dyed the tips of my hair fuschia. good times. now carrying my pink purse every where just to match my hair. even better times.

- l.a. carshow was so, so fun. new loves are the audi s7 and the skyline. no bugatti showing though, boo.
- showing of bloom at the EAT ME exhibition hosted by 1650 gallery. mmmmmmm. fooood.
- watchmen (awesome), donny darko (win!), grandma's boy (ddr is teh best).
- comikaze, sunday edition. so it aint comic con...oh but how i've missed the nerd vibe.
- walked down the stairs funny and sprained the right wrist. wtfbbq.
- started the "select episodes of dr. quinn" marathon.

- loot: wii, lotr extended edition in bluray, cash, scarf, puffy vest. those were the Very Important Things.
- rear-ended AGAIN, TWICE by the same guy in the span of two minutes. wtf. srsly. happened on the 23rd. F.
- to mitigate the anger from the car accident, i bought cupcakes and new purse. retail therapy...mmm...
- spent christmas day with the hunger games. that is some fun stuff.

unless otherwise noted, all images in the gallery are NOT free stock.
for personal use as desktop wallpaper ONLY.
images may be altered for personal wallpaper usage but may NOT be distributed with the changes for others to use.
please email or note me for permission to use my images in all projects.

twenny ten

Wed Jan 5, 2011, 2:14 PM
  • Listening to: bright light / matchbox twenty
  • Reading: the decision to use the atomic bomb
  • Watching: lots of bbc austen flicks
  • Playing: diabro2 / sinking island
  • Eating: pho ga / fried daikon cakes
  • Drinking: lipton iced lemon tea
what nerdy thing happened in january? can't friggen remember no more.
- well, i did catch the state of the union. lots of delusional talk (from both sides).
- the annual narnia-thon. i'm loving these flicks more and more.

- had an austen fest. wherein the coz and i snarked through three versions of pride & prejudice, two versions of sense & sensibility, and emma. drooled over hawt british men and said stuff like "quit the sphere!" a lot.

- hey kids, IT'S MY FIRST EVER ACTUAL GALLERY ART SHOW. march26th at gallery godo. vacillating between a zen-ish "this is cool, yieah ok" to a psychotic "holy shit this fucking rules!!". needless to say i'm a mess of emotion. but hey, i got my outfit all picked out. even if i don't sell a thing, i will look good.
- gallery show came and went. a ton of fun. went super-dressy (a chance to wear my boots!) and talked so much my throat was still sore the next two days. am still kinda shy so even though i had printed a ton of business cards, i didn't hand out a lot. will be better prepared next time. and now...looking forward to The Food At RenFair.

- went to the 1st annual anaheim comic con (originally billed as "world con" and held at the l.a. con center). pretty groovy time. wandering around downtown disney for lunch afterwards didn't suck either. i got the best pap shot of adam west EVER. adam west for president!!
- attended my first ever burmese new year festival. just for the food. damn was the food deluscious.
- got into drawgasim's july 2010 group art exhibition. they are planning a one-night only show with lots and lots and lots of partying. trying to justify the expense of flying out to st.louis fer just that one night.!!!
- further continuation of austen-fest via lost in austen and the latest version of emma. it's apparently possible for me to obtain a new favorite darcy (sorry me!).

- been driving so much for werk that i got a gps. then loaded darth vader's voice onto it. i [may] have reached my destination, but i am not a jedi yet.
- plowed through game change. politics is so the drama.
- found out that strip of sky won an Award of Merit in the Fort Dearborn International Photography Competition. out of 70 applicants and god knows how many submissions. GIDDYNESS.
- finally watched pitch black (i know, i know). it's, like, totally neat and stuff. one of the best horror films evar.

- look, world! i finally got a texting phone! samsung impression. had no clue that data plans cost so much more extra. screw the internut, i can live without going online to check my email every second. blood suckers!
- got a boy's cut. takes me FIVE MINUTES to do my hair in the morning now. EPIC WIN.
- lakers win, but sloppily. but they win. gargs it was a frustrating game 7. it wasn't really epic like previous lakers v. celtics battles. 16th title though -- so that's good!

- finally got a pair of air jordans twenty years after the original debut. in "youth" size 4-1/2 no less. because apparently they don't make jordans in womens anymore (BAH). i paired the pure white leather with aqua laces. LOVE.
- got shortlisted for the 2010 cork street exhibition in LONDON FRACKIN ENGLAND. aside from how crazy expensive it will be to ship two heavy wood mounted images over to the other side of the pond, and how there's no way i'm dishing out nearly two grand for plane tix, i am, of course, totally SQUEE(!!!).

- london cork street exhibition came and went. i so wanted to be there. but at least i can claim my first international exhibition. so w00t to that!
- finalist for photographer's forum's 30th annual spring contest. this means that i'll paint it how i see it will be part of their annual published artbook. i pre-purchased two copies of the book. one to gloat with and the other to, urm, gloat some more. yieah!
- another(!) finalist for art kudo's 2010 international juried competition. the story as recalled by the candyman will be exhibited online for a full year. EXPOSURE BABY, YIEAH.
- my cousin and his wife and daughter left the beautiful ozarks to visit me and the rest of the socal fam. which means -- trip to sd zoo, pigging out at brazilian bbq, and getting heat stroke. i'm badass like that. they got me a new leather coach bag though. as if i need yet another purse (oh but yes i do!)
- bought a shit-ton of shoes. should be banned from every computer i touch.

- visited the queen mary for the first time ever. ostensibly it was because they were having an art deco fest ( deco) but the actual art deco fest was kinda bleh. the tour around the ship though was super grand. like i was back playing the titanic pc game. nerdiness.
- picked up immortal for cheap a while back and finally found time to watch it. it's, like, weird. but cool. some bits struck me as juvenile (yet another god who wants to sleep around) and some parts were wonderfully unexpected (her tears'll stain ya). what i really want is for someone to explain all the unexplained left hanging at the end of the flick.
- austen fest continued with northanger abbey. more tilney please!!

- finally made it to disneyland after missing out last year. since it was october, all the halloween decos were up. cuteness overload.
- yet another gallery exhibition (this has been a damn good year art-wise). a salon show named concatenation organized by lacda. digital art is right up my alley. it's nice to have something in my backyard (so to speak) -- don't have to arrange and pickup prints and then spend a mint to have prints shipped out. also, never knew that downtown l.a. was so dang fun during the thursday art fests. i see future outings now!
- got lost in the funk of crappy work situation so i finally finished off diabro2 on easy. almost done with it in nightmare-mode now.
- QUIT MY CRAPPY-ASS JOB. new job to start nov 3rd. can't effing wait. also, as a bonus, my resignation was the bestest, politest, F-U ever written. so says me at least!

- while stressing out between quitting old job and getting to the new one, i re-watched lost in austen (hey elliot, CALL ME), watched the departed (skinny vulnerable leo is hot), and purchased yet more shoes and yet another coach bag. then went and got a new ipod (byebye old ipod! *sob*). spent all this money and the new job hasn't even started yet. yieah, imma girl alright.
- started new job where friday lunches are free, shoes are free, there's a guy who washes your car while you're working, and the office is nearby a crap-ton of food places. oh yieah, nice co-workers too.
- found out i was a finalist for the 2010 celeste.prize. which means, trip to new york. w00t!!

- went to new york for the 2010 celeste.prize show. didn't win but i, like, ate A TON OF FOOD. went to the empire state building at midnight when it was raining and steamy and windy.
- got netflix subscription for christmas. i guess i'll finally be able to watch stuff like the godfather and fight club.

unless otherwise noted, all images in the gallery are NOT free stock.
for personal use as desktop wallpaper ONLY.
please email or note me for permission to use my images in all projects.

too oh oh nien

Sun Dec 20, 2009, 10:41 PM
  • Listening to: bright light / matchbox twenty
  • Reading: wot #2 / brisinger / loeg #1
  • Watching: hgtv + say yes to the dress
  • Playing: 7 kingdoms II / hellfire
  • Eating: pho ga
  • Drinking: iced lipton lemon tea
- caught mozart's magic flute at the l.a. opera. why do they sing the same line fifteen times in fifteen different keys? like, i get it, you miss him! i don't need to hear it over and over again. other than the bizarre repetitiveness, it was a nice mod interp. there's supposed to be an upcoming production of don giovanni in black pleather. weird.
- tried making our own pizza. it was...soggy. tasty but soggy. and the edges stuck to the pizza stone.
- went shopping for fabrics for best friend's new furniture. i'm now officially old.
- jury duty! got called in, got selected. how's that for nerdy. current service record is 2 for 2. why do i always get selected?!
- hair cut. which may not seem like a big deal. except i was so oblivious of my general appearance that i didn't realize i hadn't had a cut for a nearly a year. hair was nearing my waist(!).
- double feature of the narnia flicks on chinese new year's eve. king edmund for president. and was that a tauren holding up the castle gate? ahahahaha!!!

- toured the gamble house instead of watching superbowl sunday. because architecture trumps foosball any day.
- started bowling once a week. and now i've hurt me arse. damn that's sad.

- worked on my bowling game. still haven't broken 100 yet.
- everyone else around is hacking and gagging. i remain un-infected!
- secured super-cheap room for comic-con with view facing the bay. w00t!
- watched a documentary about the rivalry between unc and duke. which is a big deal to me because i could care less about bball (except for those lakers quadrupli-peat years because i'm bandwagon like that). was crying by the end of the documentary. have admitted to having issues. and liking that shade of powder blue.

- renfair! was cool! yay for indie artisans. no yay for the projected $500 USD necessary to buy a custom-designed elizabethan outfit. ouch dammit. climbed a wall (on easy!) and bruised the left forearm because i can't archery worth a damn. toad-in-a-hole is Awesome.
- unc runs incredible tight first half and cruises through second half. WIN! first time ever in my life wherein i actually rush home and do nothing for the next 2 hours except watch a bball game.
- broke 100 in bowling. shazam. next goal: break 160.
- went indoor bouldering. twas...difficult. and expensive. so we'll stick to $1 sunday bowling for now.
- got a nintendo ds for free. no games though. not yet.

- started cleaning TheMess again. because i can't get a new couch or telly unless, y'know, there's actually room to put the stuff.
- finally learned hold'em. and that chinese dice game. sucked at both. the slight drunkeness may have affected the suckage.
- wasn't drunk when i lost spectacularly at the new street fighter though. damn.
- also finally watched the latest x-files movie. vintage mulder&scully. excellence.
- switched from dsl to cable. yieah i'm behind the times.

- massive cleaning of stuffs in the house. i can see my living room floor now!
- started summer skool. which means lots of sleepiness all around.
- brought my indiana jones wannabe fedora to a speech class. people laughed in a good way.

- of course with the midnight showing of pooters. dragged the boy along. perfectly emo-dark. best scene was hero shot of dumbleydore kicking inferi arse.
- first rose bowl show and just my luck, the worst show thus far in the year so i sold nuthin. bah humbuggers.
- didn't go to comicon. for the first time in 5 years. omg my streak is broken now.
- photogasm at the <a href=">hungtington library. cut short cuz it was a billion degrees farenheit. like srsly. will troop back when it's cooler.

- went with my aunt and the boy to vegas and stayed at THEhotel. terry cloth bathtowels and scrumptious shag carpeting. i almost stole their dark wood writing desk. almost.
- and...nothing. man august was non-exciting.

- two years later, i finally finish playing paradise.
- out of a raging need to punch people, i fired up diabro again. leveling up a sorceror from scratch.
- bowled a 150, followed by two 120's. that day was unreal.
- watched documentary on marla olmstead. i wish i can afford a ginormous canvas to fingerpaint all over.
- randomly started up a blog wherin i yap about books/movies/games: it's my new pet. i blame it on yelp.
- didn't wash my car since vegas in august but it's cool because the crazy fires covered the plastic buggy in ash anyway. procrastination helped me save money!

- ace several tests with last minute studying.
- broke my streak and got the flu for the first time in one and half years. dammit!
- installed hellfire. the insect level is puke-worthy. leveling up the bard. i hate her death-scream, so effing annoying. just die already.
- didn't dress up for halloween. meh.

- annual date with lotr saga. legolas is beyond fruity. still mad about them fugging up faramir and gimli. oh em gee, aragorn is hawt.
- mousebot ate a virus. now the internut connect dies every two seconds and stuff is just s-l-o-w. boo.
- plowed through ebay for thief 3 and other rare graphic adventure titles. not that i have the time to play or anything.
- got into a car accident on thanksgiving eve. W.T.F. henceforth, i shall view all white 2010 ford 250's with enraged suspicion. and thank god for hot fireman showing up to ease the jitters (what is it about them hot firemen...).

- christmas presents steamed from check: kotor and torchlight. w00t!! way to restore my faith in humanity!
- started christmas shopping way late. am feeling teh stress. somebody buy me an alcoholic hot chocolate please.

image use policy
unless otherwise noted, all images in the gallery are NOT free stock.
for personal use as desktop wallpaper ONLY.
please email or note me for permission to use my images in all projects.

grrr. arrg.

Sat Oct 11, 2008, 3:03 AM
  • Listening to: bright light / matchbox twenty
  • Reading: the middle east: brief history of last 2K years
  • Watching: i stoled HBO!!!!
  • Playing: 7 kingdoms II / nibiru / paradise
  • Eating: pho ga
  • Drinking: iced lemon tea
in regards to prop 8 (without god): why you gotta stick yo nose into other people's bidness? who cares if they're married/divorced/spending too much time with their inflatable companion?! that's their bidness. as long as this bidness is not threatening your belief in yourself and your wee little world, who gives a sheet.

in regards to prop 8 (with god): why you gotta stick yo nose into other people's bidness? love above all. jesus loves everyone -- even rabid, misshappen puppies. it's not your job to go around judging the validity of someone's life choices as long as their life choices are not destroying (again!) your belief in yourself as defined by yourself and god. whatever god decides to be lame and deemed "hell-able" is up to him, and not you. inability to tolerate sounds more like a ticket to a Really Hot Place, ifyaknowhatimean.

peee essss #1: how is it oh-so-offensive and destroying of life values to be referred to as party A or party B? are you somehow lesser in character and stature than you were before said labelization? why do you even give a sheet about labelization anyway!? it's legal terminology and really should have no bearing on how you view yourself (ooo...the strength of self-perception!!). if you're wimpy enough to feel categorically diminished because of legal paperwork -- child, you got bigger issues to worry about than fighting gay marriage rights.

peee essss #2: halllloooohhh!!!! MARRIAGE WAS CREATED AS A PILLAR OF THE HEREDITARY ECONOMIC SYSTEM. it's roots are found in hereditary economy -- where the ties that bind were built in blood -- and blood, as you know, are found in babies. gay marriage don't result in babies and thus hetero marriage was, so obviously!, the more acceptable choice to legalize contracts between two families of economic means. cuz with trade and moneys comes laws to govern people's greed and thus the institution of marriage gets roped into all the legalese. so yieah, marriage has evolved over the centuries into our current lovey-dovey definition -- but darhlinks, please note that the man and woman clause gets much of its bolster from ancient economic hoo-hah.

peee essss #3: BUT GOD SEZ IT'S WRONG!! are you god?? oh wait you're not!!

peee essss #4: BUT THE BIBLE SEZ IT'S WRONG!! according to a book written by HOOMANS. peeps. homies. bros. old, wrinkly white guys with an agenda. a religious, most likely loving agenda -- but an agenda nonetheless. the only word i believe in is god's and god is in my heart. nobody's been able to pry that open to read it yet, so nyah to you.

peee esssss #5: it's a stupid piece of paper!! maybe i'll be the only one to hold this view, but srsly, fuck labels and pieces of paper. i am who i am and whatever categories anyone (government or otherwise) chooses to place me in is INCONSEQUENTIAL next to my belief in myself and own strength of self-perception. marriage, as with anything else, is what you choose to view it as. and because imma view it in my own nit-picky, persnickety way, everyone else gets the freedom to view it however they want to as well. it's called fairplay. as per what that jesus guy said.

we be at it again yieah.

Sat Sep 22, 2007, 8:12 AM
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the geek events calendar for 2007 ...

. john williams conducts san diego symphony concert ...vintage williams melodrama conducted by a truly gracious and witty gentleman. props to the entire symphony as well. twas all so smooove.
. sw: where science meets imagination ...went to the cali science museum (as several subs in the gallery will attest) but didn't actually go to the sw thingie. because i just don't got a lotta patience for the line ride.
. porgy and bess's in english (which is good)! bess is wimpy (wtf?!!). learned about the origins of jazz during an interesting pre-show lecture.
. 07 fanday for rots ...full-time job and part-time interest in skool will suck the motivation right out of a person. i'd like to get in a marathon viewing of all six flicks before the end of this year though.
. magritte at lacma lost amidst the hustle and bustle of Life Schedule. bah.
. sw celebration ...way too much money to spend on a day devoted to peruvian sw toy collecting. wtf man.
. disneylandia ...hunged out with fellow geeks. ate at the blue bayou thanks to the excellent foresight of said fellow geeks. good times.
. pooter #7 midnight nerd-a-thon was just me -- and a buncha kids dressed up as a gang of owls. a hoot of owls? ha! decent flick. somewhat bit too emo/goth for my tastes. i miss the range of humor from the books.
. disneylandia ...cuz once wasn't enough. finally got to wander abouts by meself. enjoyed immensely.
. 07 sd comic con ...shorter trip than previous years but oh wow, we ate well. crashed at cousin's house to the cacophony of life philosophy as diluted through many glasses of beer. three thumbs up to the amputee chick strapped to a machine gun. sold less at this year's art show but made more money.
. 07 la con ...silly me. this thing's not even in l.a. this year. all the way across the pond in nippon instead. with whelan attending. dammit! subbed in the art show though.
. 07 e3 video games but not enough to shell out 60 bucks for two days when on a tight budget. food before all else. and shoes too.
. 07 gencon ...missed for this year. on the agenda for '08.
. 07 fanday for rots ...marathoned through while the boy was leveling up in WOW. he never saw the original trilogy either. love for r2 as per usual and lots of snarky, smart-assery commentary from the peanut gallery.
. lotr marathon ...another marathon in which the boy was leveling up in WOW while i lazed about on the couch. good times.
. disneylandia ...pushed off until the beginning of '08. money and chores do sucketh up the time.
. 07 pasadena doodah parade ...lost track of time. one of these years i'll do this thing...

and oh yieah ... lotsa :hug: and :cookie: to :iconmauricioestrella: and :iconarchann: for the DD nod on… ...thanks guys!!

and here we go again...

Fri Oct 27, 2006, 11:51 PM
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whoever bought prints of float and inaccessible, thank you. that's a $50+ order if you include the shipping charges. this isn't the first time someone's bought my work (friday social rituals was the first print i ever sold) and, after this year's comic con show, a lady specifically emailed me to ask where else to buy a copy of candyman. further, i've been able to sell every image i've entered into art shows thus far -- and yet...the idea that anyone is willing to shell out hard-earned cash on my stuff will always amaze me. so thanks.....and thanks again.

the geek events calendar for 2006 thus far...
. 06 fanday for rots (probably hosting a sw marathon)
. stargate sg-1 con in burbank (courtesy of creation entertainment)
. skin n bones (fashion&architecture) exhibit at moca
. pirate dinner (??)
. disneylandia (yes, again. because i love that donald.)
. 06 pasadena doodah parade (how come i never knew about this thing?!)

12/31/06: none of the above happened due to newly acquired full-time gig and general malaise. thank god several of those events are annual occurences. i'll see about sticking them into the 2007 schedule.

. ces 2006 leeched free hotel room and pass off of my cousin. i love this show...a huge gathering of geek toys. didn't get to see much (which is what happens when you run on someone else's schedule) but somehow i was watching kornelia at the benq booth fragging ass without knowing that it was actually her sitting in front of me. passed by jonathan wendel's booth as well. liberally partook of the goodies available...i think i came home with something like twenty merchandise gift bags without ever really buying anything. doing it again next year for sure.
. l.a. auto show crap i missed it again! i didn't even know it was so early this year!! bah humbug dammit.
. 06 wizard world los angeles a watered-down version of the sd comic con -- lots of the same vendors, same old geek toy collections. went on a sunday so the crowds were managable (no smushing face against sweaty backs for once, thank the lords). didn't buy anything but i did take a bajillion pics of the l.a. convention center and also a bajillion pics of downtown l.a. when driving down broadway (which was jam packed with cars detouring the areas closed off for the l.a. marathon). all in all, a decent day capped off with great clear weather. next year though? probably won't go.
. 06 e3 and noguchi @ japanese american national museum lazy arse, skoolwerk, advent children dvd release, and general shenanigans conspired to prevent the attendance of these two illustrious events. so, uh, sniff, yieah.
. marvel superheroes @ california science center, 06 AIA convention at l.a. con center, 06 gencon in l.a. (pending financial situation) again with the no-$, little motivation, and other Random Busy Work infiltrating geek plans. will do the AIA thing next year.
. 06 san diego comic con a more laid-back trip compared to yesteryears. didn't go to any panels save the sw fanfilm fest or bother to stalk much famous folk. i did spend an ungodly, obsessive amount of time checking on the bids status of my entries for the art show. managed to sell all but one of the images i submitted. i'll be doing this art thing again next year fer sure eh.
. 06 la con con IV wanted rather badly to attend this con as a con-goer but damn if the tix prices weren't ridiculous ($65 to $75 per day. wtf?!?!). so i saw just a tiny bit of the geekery when i stopped by to setup/checkout for the art show. but, hey man, i sold every single image i entered (yarrrrr!!!), so imma definitely try this con out again next year.

i'll be there.

Wed Dec 28, 2005, 8:46 PM
the geek events calendar for 2005

.sw rots midnite show people flocked to my vader fx lightsabre. got into a local paper and an internationally broadcast news satelite station. had sushi delivered to me while waiting in line (total wait time = 8 hours). nearly sobbed like a little girl for the second half of the movie. palpy fucking rocks.
.e3 in l.a. didn't go cuz i woke up too late. oh well. there's always next year...esp. since next year is when dreamfall and bad day l.a. will kick everyone's ass.
.05 devart summit a bit smaller than i expected but interesting stuff nonetheless. got a dvd stuffed with ansci art from acid and plenty of free red bull. flipped through jasinski's scratchpad portfolio. hopefully, it'll be bigger and better next year cuz i think the summit's a brilliant idea.
.05 fanday for rots at the arclight digital viewing was beautiful...all sharp details with a fab sound system. had a massive bucket of popcorn that was layered in butter (it's now a given that i'll be dying young). got the who's your daddy poster. and, of course, a progressively emotional viewing of those nutjobs puttering around in some star wars. obiwan's hot.
.king tut exhibition at l.a. county museum of art (round 1) ticketmaster sux cuz they sold us tix for a special event night date. basically, if they'd let us in to the exhibit, we'd have only about half an hour in the gallery before it closed to the general public. will be calling up ticketmaster to bitch and request for an exchange.
.05 san diego comic con cried during the ray harryhausen king kong panel and caught ray bradbury on the fly. nabbed a free sketch on cardboard from andrew bell. got two vintage ketchup bottles, lava vader, and a hot-pink star wars shirt with a glittery vader helmet on it. snuck foto-ops of disco king lando, bruce campbell, and ray park. DRANK A LOT OF KARL STRAUSS. and much much more.
.dear friend nobuo uematsu final fantasy concert 'twas freezing to sit outside on the lawn but dammit, they symphonized the chocobo song and rang out two encores of one-winged angel. and there were some purty fireworks. fab-tastic concert even though yours truly was sore and achy from walking all day at the con and then slugging down a couple downtown after darks during lunch.
.midnight madness for harry pooter book 6 a last-minute event that nevertheless brought about its decent share of in-jokes and nerd quotient. a MASS of hip-high toddles swarmed within the barnes and nobles bookstore we waited at. fell asleep in line (another long day at the con) but managed to pull an all-nighter the following evening and chugged the entire book down. no spoilers (at this point at least) but wow, my brain's still digesting the new twist and turns of the story arc.
.star wars costume exhibit at l.a.'s fidm all that i expected to see: gorgeous fabrics, glittery details, colors galore. beautiful stuff. finding padme in a coffin showing off her funeral outfit was a bit disturbing...probably the only display i didn't take a picture of. i'll be going back to this exhibit for sure before it goes out permanently. fotos for the curious.
.basquiat exhibit at l.a. moca grand happened upon this show by accident on my way back from the star wars costume event. i wouldn't hang any of his works on my walls but damn the boy had talent. and more than a few brilliant ideas.
.king tut exhibition at l.a. county museum of art (round 2) a decent showing of egyptian artifacts that totally exploited tutankamen as a headliner. of his solid gold coffin, funeral mask, black guardian figures, and even animal figure head tables we see nothing. bah! it's edging into false advertising is what it is. i enjoyed the showing though: there were several really interesting amarna style objects and plenty of little items from the tut tomb itself. i'd originally planned to go to this exhibit several i'm just gonna go with the flow and see how things turn out cuz tix are way too expensive.
.05 journalcon in san diego didn't work out. money issues. since the location of this event changes every year, who know's if i'll be able to go to the next one. one of these years though...
.o5 gencon in l.a. convention for the pen-n-paper rpg/larp/ccg/board-dice gaming geek crowd. not really areas of intense interests for me but i wanted to go to this one because i've never been and it's only hosted in my backyard every year. even smaller than i expected -- but that's probably because i went on a sunday. took a total of two hours for me to see the whole thing. one the whole however, gencon is pretty neat even if the entry ticket was a bit pricey. got the george r.r. martin artbook and ccg starter deck that i wanted so the trip wasn't a loss at all. if i ever need more dice and cards, i'd definitely go again.
.pirate dinner alas, this was not to be. conflicting schedules and all that. next year, me mateys!!
.disneylandia unless you enjoy thick crowds of people, where your face is sometimes smushed against the sweatshirt back of the towering man in front of you, i don't recommend going to mickey's capitalistic trap the week after christmas. i've never seen the place so jam-packed...the line for peter pan went way past snow white's wishing well! there were fifteen minute lines just for the fast pass (at 10 in the morning, we got a fast pass entrance time of three thirty for indiana jones). gorgeous decorations though and ingenious skellington revamp of the haunted mansion. $56USD just to get in but twas a grand time had by all.

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haagen daaz strawberry.
Stats for ether

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Stats for ether

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wow hey .... apparently i subscribed and i didn't even know it. imma star ... and not some squiggly line thing. one rung up the rank ladder eh? ;)
lurker is true. so is procrastinator and somewhat lazy bum. hi there everyone, and how're you doin' t'day. :)

hungry. and need more computers to help render stuff. i already don't like my more recent stuff. time to make more things....
where have all the cowboys gone? no matter, i be owning chamber of secretos dvd come monday. wahoo. :)
blah blah. blah BLAH blah blah....blah blah blah BLAH blah. blah blah? blah. blah blah blah. blah blah. BLAH.
back. jedi bob is running around with xp shocked into his system. too bad there won't be too much time to muck around undisturbed with photoshop any day soon.... :(
long time no see....still waiting for jedi bob to be rehooked up....pooh.
good shit: concrete and glass.

nearly as good shit: steel and glass

bad shit: most outdoor abstract installation art

horrible shit: hip new modern architecture using rough finished peach colored limestone, brushed surface steel beams, and green tinted glass. puh-lease. done to death and it wasn't even all that pretty to begin with. :P

::looks in fridge::

damn...time to buy another gallon of haagen daaz strawberry.

gratuitous art link thing: you can't tell me this isn't good shit without your nose extending m'dear.