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[azn pride]
eggnog is dumb. what drunk bahstahd invented that? scrambled eggs drowning in rice *that's* fine holiday fun.
[/azn pride]

watched today: home alone, baby boom, sw:anh se

wearing: thermal socks, sweat pants, sweatshirt, flannel vest, flannel bathrobe. christ it's fricken cold.

okay. blah blah. 'ere's the bits that make this journal arty:
non arty farty biz: need to stop drooling on public sofas.

arty farty biz: git butt moving with bryce already!!

question of the day: why do all lingerie sites have such bad design?

over and over again: the wholesome snack that smiles back...until you bite their heads off!

pluggages: here and here…

reading: stranger in a strange land by heinlen

saving: kyle katarn's dumb ass

wanting: that blue dooney and burke the fat lady in front of me in line today buying way too much bread for her own good.

it's been a good day.
fyi: white squash is so disturbing.

waitaminute. am i only suppose to talk about arty farty stuff here?

well then here goes: lee hughey rocks. go here and see:

there. plug of the day done.
salty beans + salty eggs = strong calcium-flavored oj

would like to start on next wp image idea but eyes are gone. too much white!! emoticon for starving artist....
a journal? this place lets me keep a journal?! oh-kay. i think i'll stay away until i have something more...uh...worthwhile(?)....intelligent(??) spew. right.